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  • Replens 35g Tube & Re-Usable Applicator

Replens MD Vaginal Moisturiser is a long-Lasting Feminine Moisturiser that provides soothing, safe and long-lasting relief of vaginal dryness. Replens has a patented formula that works to replenish natural moisture. Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer is available with comfortable, easy-to-use applicators that provide soothing relief at the source of discomfort.
Replens MD Vaginal Moisturiser: It's natural for a woman to experience vaginal dryness at different times throughout her life. Replens is recommended by more gynecologists to provide safe and immediate relief from the discomfort of vaginal dryness due to menopause, nursing, medications, and monthly tampon use. Unlike a personal lubricant, Replens provides soothing, long-lasting relief, clinically proven to naturally restore vaginal moisture for days. Reduces the symptoms of: Vaginal atrophy Dryness Irritation Discomfort Painful intercourse Benefits: Lasts up to 3 days per application 35 gram tube offers a 1 month supply Immediate Relief Non-hormonal Estrogen-Free Vaginal Dryness - A Common Concern For millions of women, vaginal dryness is a real problem that affects and interferes with their day to day lives. Vaginal dryness is common and can occur at any age. The effects of vaginal dryness vary from woman to woman, ranging from minor discomfort to painful sexual intercourse. Regardless of the level of discomfort, vaginal dryness can impact your daily life. Causes: Menopause Breast-feeding Childbirth Tampon use Medications Excessive exercise Stress How Does Replens Work? Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer contains a patented ingredient for soothing and long-lasting moisture. When you apply Replens, it immediately goes to work to provide long lasting moisture. As the cells of the vaginal wall are regenerated, dry cells are cleared and Replens is eliminated naturally. As with dry skin that you experience on your face and hands, regular moisturizing treatment may be necessary to prevent dryness from recurring. Will Replens Long Lasting Moisturizer make intimacy more enjoyable? One of the most common ways that women discover vaginal dryness is during intimacy. When used regularly, Replens replenishes your natural vaginal moisture, making intimacy more enjoyable. ReplensÂ’ formula delivers long lasting moisture so sexual intercourse can be more spontaneous. Since Replens does not need to be applied immediately before intercourse, it does not interrupt the moment by being runny, messy or slippery. Instead, Replens provides natural feeling long-lasting lubrication whenever the moment is right. What causes vaginal dryness? Nearly every woman will experience vaginal dryness sometime in her life. It is most often associated with the normal decline or fluctuation of the female hormone estrogen. This fluctuation can be triggered by childbirth, breastfeeding or menopause. Dryness can also be caused by taking certain medications, exercising intensively or being under stress. It is also common to experience vaginal dryness when douching, using tampons or at the end of the menstrual cycle.


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Size: 1 month treatment

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Replens 35g Tube & Re-Usable Applicator

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