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  • Rennie Orange 48 tabs

Rennie Orange 48's are a quick relief cure for indigestion, heartburn and flatulence. Now in delicious and refreshing orange flavour.
Rennie Orange Chewable Tablets bring you Britain's go to treatment for fast and active heartburn relief, now in a delicious and refreshing orange flavour. These calcium carbonate tablets neutralise stomach acid providing fast relief from the symptoms of heartburn. Those who suffer with heartburn usually feel a pain in their chest, behind the breastbone or in the upper central abdomen. It occurs when the acid contents from the stomach pass back up through the oesophagus. Try Rennie today and enjoy pain free days. Rennie can be used to offer fast relief from the discomfort caused by: indigestion, heartburn, acid indigestion, nervous indigestion, flatulence, upset stomach, dyspepsia, biliousness indigestion during pregnancy.

How to use Rennie Orange 48's: For Adults: 2 tablets to be sucked or chewed as required, up to maximum of 16 tablets a day. Children 8-12 years: 1-2 tablets as required, up to a maximum of 12 tablets a day. Children 5-8 years: 1 tablet as required, up to a maximum of 6 tablets a day. Children under 5: Not recommended.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Ingredients: Each Tablet contains: Calcium Carbonate 500mg Also contains: Sucrose and Colour (E124, E104) (Please see leaflet for more information)

Side Effects

Size: 48 fast acting tablets

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Rennie Orange 48 tabs

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