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  • Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches

Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches are specifically designed to help relieve back pain. The air activated Heat Patches adhere directly to the skin to target the site of pain. Drug-free, they provide up to 8 hours of deep muscle relaxing heat. By increasing the blood flow to the affected area they can aid the recovery from muscular back pain.
Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches contain natural minerals that heat up when exposed to the air to deliver deep muscle-relaxing heat and give effective, soothing pain relief. No need to worry about that irritating pain the in the back any more with this handy new Back Pain Relief. The aches and pains of life are widely common amongst all ages and professions, but it doesn't have to end there. This Back Pain Relief product is guaranteed to significantly cure back pain through its air-activated heat patches that adhere directly to your skin and help to relieve the site of muscle pains Use For: Muscular pain Rheumatic pain Backache Strains and sprains How Does Heat Therapy Help? Heat therapy helps treat the underlying cause of back and muscle pain in two ways - by increasing blood flow to the area and by relaxing tight, sore muscles. This helps you to get active again as soon as possible, which many doctors agree is vital in speeding up the recovery process.

How to use Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches: The heat patches are applied direct to your skin. They are held in place by a low-irritancy adhesive, while the flexible hinged design allows them to move with your body. Discreet, slim and odourless, they can be worn under clothes wherever you are: During the day At night in bed On its own, or with other pain relief medicines like Nurofen tablets. (Nurofen tablets are a medicine containing Ibuprofen: always read the label.)

Caution before using Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches: The patch is for external use only. Do not use it: Straight after an injury - heat may make swelling or bruising worse With any other heating device On skin that is irritated cracked or damaged All heat products may cause skin irritation or burns. Do not lie on the patch, even when in bed, or apply pressure during use. if the patch feels too hot or your skin becomes irritated, remove the patch straight away. Do not use on the same area of skin for more than 8 hours in any 24 hours. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches contain: Iron powder, water, water-absorbing polymer, activated carbon, salt.

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Size: 2 single use patches

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Nurofen Back Pain Heat Patches

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