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  • Menopace Night 30tabs

Menopace Night is a specially formulated food supplement for women during and after the menopause that are looking for additional support at night to help maintain quality of natural sleep.
Menopace Night: All the benefits of Menopace. The menopause is a natural stage of life that every woman goes through. Thousands of women worldwide have discovered that Menopace, the UKs No.1 selling supplement for this stage of life, gives them effective nutritional support to help maintain health and vitality. Menopace Night provides all the nutrients in Menopace original PLUS additional Night time support: Chamomile Extract The flowers of the chamomile plant (Matricaria recutita) are widely used to help maintain a state of relaxation and support positive sleep patterns at the time of the menopause. Hops Extract Hops extract contain phytoestrogens for extra menopausal support and are also traditionally associated with good sleep. 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 5-HTP is the precursor to the vital neurotransmitter serotonin which is needed in the body in sufficient amounts in order to keep our moods and sleep schedules in proper balance. The advanced nutrients can help with: Hormone balance Soy is one of the richest natural sources of isoflavones including diadzein, glycetine and genistein. These phyto-nutrients are widely consumed by women during later life. Menopace Night provides 50mg of soy isoflavone extract for extra menopause support and also includes zinc and magnesium which are essential co-factors for the synthesis of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), a precursor of the bodys own hormone-like substances which help regulate changes in hormone balance. Overall vitality & wellbeing: Vitamin D has been found to influence all 36 organ tissues in the body and new research shows that optimum intake levels of vitamin D may be far higher than previously thought.


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Size: 30 tablets

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Menopace Night 30tabs

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