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  • Kalms Sleep Tablets

Kalms Sleep is a traditional herbal remedy containing a blend of plant ingredients that helps to relieve worry, irritability and stress and helps to promote natural sleep, so you can enjoy a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed for the day ahead.
Kalms Sleep is a traditional herbal remedy, which helps to relieve worry, irritability and the stress and strains of everyday life. It also relieves symptoms of the menopause including worry, wakefulness, flushing and cold sweats. Kalms also helps to promote refreshing natural sleep. Understanding Insomnia/Sleeplessness: What is insomnia/sleeplessness? Insomnia (also known as sleeplessness) can manifest itself in a number of different ways: Difficulty falling asleep Light or restless sleeping Waking often during the night Lying awake in the middle of the night Waking early and being unable to get back to sleep If the sleeplessness lasts for only a few nights it is described as transient. This type of insomnia is often caused by external factors such as a stressful lifestyle or noise. On these occasions a herbal sedative, such as Kalms Sleep, may help to restore the body's natural sleeping patterns. Long-term insomnia that occurs every night and lasts a month or more is described as chronic. The causes of this can be more complicated and it is advisable to see your G.P. for diagnosis and treatment. What are the causes? Causes can vary with the individual but some common ones include: Bottled up feelings, such as anger or frustration A reaction to change or stress External factors such as noise or temperature Jet lag or shift work at unsociable hours A partner with antisocial sleeping habits A reaction to medicine or alcohol Medical conditions or pain What are the effects? Not getting enough sleep can affect different people in different ways and depends very much on your daily routine. It can make you irritable, worried or nervous, unable to concentrate or cope with even the simplest of tasks. You may find yourself feeling drowsy during the day, becoming forgetful or more accident prone than usual. Often people who are suffering from insomnia may feel short tempered and more likely to become impatient with others. Anxiety about falling asleep itself can even be a problem as, the more you worry, the less likely you are to be able to sleep properly. Physically, a lack of sleep can severely impair our ability to complete everyday tasks: driving while tired is responsible for thousands of accidents every year. Fatigue also lowers the immune system and makes your risk of illness much higher. Dealing with sleeplessness It is vital to understand why you're not sleeping because then you can come up with a solution. Often insomnia is a symptom of an underlying problem rather than a cause - so dealing with the problem may well help - more than you might think. Talk about your worries or write them down before you go to bed. Maybe you need to cut out caffeine before bedtime, or have a word with your noisy neighbour? Perhaps you need to get into a routine or get rid of a few pillows? Give yourself the best chance of sleeping soundly. Alternatively, find out more about Kalms Sleep, a naturally effective remedy for occasional sleeplessness. It won't cause next-day drowsiness and can really get you back on track - with a natural night's sleep.

How to take Kalms Sleep: Adults and not suitable for under 18's: Take three or four tablets one hour before bedtime. To be swallowed whole. Do not chew.

Caution before taking Kalms Sleep: Not recommended for under 18 years of age. Do not take if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take the tablets on an empty stomach. May cause drowsiness. If affected, do not drive. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Each Kalms Sleep sugar coated tablet contains: Vervain powder 60 mg, Valerian powdered extract 4:1 45 mg, Hops powder 30 mg, Wild lettuce powdered extract 4:1 22.5 mg, Passiflora powdered extract 5.35:1 16.82 mg.

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Size: 50 tablets

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Kalms Sleep Tablets

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