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  • Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavour 60tabs

Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavour provide fast, soothing & long lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of heartburn & acid indigestion, which for example can occur after meals or during pregnancy.
Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavour- Heartburn and indigestion can strike when least expected and with Gaviscon Tablets you need never be caught short again. Gaviscon soothes irritation in the oesophagus (food pipe) on its way down to the stomach. But once it has arrived in the stomach the action really begins. Gaviscon works by forming a raft (thick layer) on top of the stomach contents soon after it makes contact with the stomach acid. The raft acts as a strong physical barrier and helps keep all the components of the stomach contents in the stomach where they work, not letting them seep back up into the oesophagus where they hurt. Gaviscon Advance contains double the concentration of sodium alginate compared with Gaviscon Original.

How to take Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavour: · For oral administration. · Adults & children 12 yrs & over: 2 to 4 tablets after meals & at bedtime. · Children under 12 yrs: Should only be given on medical advice. · Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Caution before taking Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavour · This treatment may be less effective if you have decreased the amounts of gastric acid produced in your stomach. · If symptoms persist after 7 days, please consult your doctor. · If you take too many tablets you may feel bloated. · It is unlikely to cause you any harm, but please consult your doctor or pharmacist. · Do not take if you know you are allergic to any of the ingredients as skin rashes and difficulty in breathing have been reported. · Consult your doctor if you experience these or any other side-effects. · Read the enclosed leaflet carefully before taking this product. · If you have phenylketonuria, note that the product is sweetened with aspartame, a source of phenylalanine. If you forget a dose, it is not necessary to double dose the next time, just carry on taking as before. · These tablets are sugar and gluten free. You can take this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding. As with all medicines, the treatment duration should be as limited as possible. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Each Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavourcontains: The active ingredients 250mg Sodium Alginate, 133.5mg Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate & 80mg Calcium Carbonate.

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Size: 60 per tub

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Gaviscon Advance Chewable Tablets Peppermint Flavour 60tabs

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