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  • Earol Swim

Earol Swim is a simple and effective solution for preventing swimmers ear. All natural spray application provides a water resistant barrier.
Earol Swim is an easy to use, medically approved, non-aerosol, metered pump spray, which allows an optimised quantity of pharmaceutical grade olive oil to be dosed directly into the ear. The actuators tapered design allows its tip only very limited access to the auditory canal, ensuring that it cannot damage any of the delicate mechanisms of the ear. A discreet mist spray, finely coats the ear canal with the olive oil. The optimised dose prevents over application and is very comfortable to use. The spray forms a water resistant coat that repels any water that enters the ear. Olive Oil pump spray has been designed to dispense olive oil in a 50mcl directed mist. It maximizes the use of the 50mcls of oil per dose by finely dividing the oil. This adheres readily to the walls of the canal and wax ensuring that the whole area is covered in a thin coating of oil. This ensures that the oil doesn’t leak out of the ear Benefits of using Earol Swim Device Time to administer oil: Olive oil spray is quick and easy to use and its fine spray coats and adheres to the auditory canal and wax deposits Spoon/ dropper is non-user intuitive: Olive oil pump spray is highly patient intuitive and locates very readily into the outer ear. The product is then actuated as per a simple pump spray. Dropper cleanliness: The otological actuator can be removed and easily cleaned. There is no possibility of the product remaining in the actuator as all product is formed through the actuator when the product is actuated. Dropper health and safety: Olive oil spray has a standard otological actuator, which has been ergonomically design to fit the outer ear without any health and safety risk to the patient or the eardrum. The actuator is made of soft plastic eradicating any chance of harming the user. Spillage of an open bottle: The Olive oil pump spray is in a sealed pack, hence spillage is impossible Bottle is robust: The bottle comes in a waterproof protective case that however the bottle device is extremely robust can be dropped at heights of 1 m onto hard surfaces without breaking. The device is highly patient intuitive and easy to use. Simply place the actuator in the opening to the auditory canal, tilt ones head slightly to one side and depress the actuator once. This can be followed by manipulation of the tragus. No cotton wool wad is required to be placed into the ear and the user doesn’t suffer any further hearing impairment from either the cotton wool wad or swamping of the auditory canal with product. There is no requirement for other persons to be present on application. The device presents itself as a pharmaceutically elegant, 10ml preparation of semi viscous, translucent oil within a 15ml transparent glass bottle.


You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


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Size: 10ml

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Earol Swim

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