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  • Dulcolax Pico Perles 50 perles

Dulco-lax Pico Perles are used for the short-term management of constipation.
Dulco-lax Pico Perles are used to relieve constipation. They have a dual action, stimulating the muscles of both the large intestine and rectum to bring overnight relief from constipation. Dulco-lax Pico Perles may restore the sensation or desire for bowel movement so helping your body to regain its natural rhythm.

How to take Dulco-lax Perles: Adults and Children over 10 years should two to four capsules (5 -10mg) at night. This medicine should only be given to children between the ages of 4 and 10 if recommended by a doctor. The usual recommended doses are as follows: Children (4 - 10 years): One to two capsules (2.5mg - 5mg) at night Children under 4 years: Not recommended In the event of an overdose, consult a doctor immediately

Do not take Dulco-lax Perles if: You suffer from any of the following intestinal problems, ileus, intestinal obstruction, acute appendicitis, acute inflammatory bowel disease or any other surgical abdominal condition. You are suffering from severe dehydration. You are allergic to sodium picosulphate (or similar medicines) or any of the other ingredients in Dulco-lax Perles. Seek medical advice before taking this medicine if: You are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or you are breast feeding. You are currently taking diuretics or steroids. You are currently taking a course of antibiotics. A child under 10 years requires a laxative. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Each Dulco-lax Perle contains: 2.5 mg of the active ingredient Sodium Picosulphate as Sodium Picosulphate Monohydrate Ph Eur. Also contains the following inactive ingredients : Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol 400, Gelatin, Glycerol and Purified Water.

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Size: 50 perles

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Dulcolax Pico Perles 50 perles

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