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  • dulcobalance sachets 10sachets

Dulcobalance is the newest addition to the Dulco family of products. It is a new body friendly product which harnesses the natural power of water to relieve constipation and so help to keep you regular.
Dulcobalance - Known as an osmotic laxative, this product offers a new way to treat constipation, and works in a different way from other products in the ‘Dulco’ laxative range. It comes in a sachet as a powder which you mix with water. Unlike some other sachet remedies which thicken in the glass and can have an unpleasant taste, Dulcobalance dissolves to create a pleasant tasting orange and grapefruit drink. How does Dulcobalance work? After mixing one or two sachets of Dulcobalance with a 125ml glass of water, macrogol - the active ingredient - locks with the water in the glass. When you drink Dulcobalance, macrogol locked with water is taken directly to the bowel, exactly where it is needed and is not absorbed by the body. Once in the bowel, Dulcobalance works at the site of the problem by using the natural power of water to hydrate your stool. As the volume of water in your stool increases the body works in its usual, natural way to move the contents of the bowel along, so you can go in the usual way and in your usual time frame. Between 24 and 48 hours later the stool leaves your body (at a normal consistency) together with Dulcobalance.

How to take Dulcobalance: For adults and children 8 years and over: Take 1 to 2 sachets each day dissolved in a glass of water. Drink entire contents of the glass

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


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Size: 10 sachets

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dulcobalance sachets 10sachets

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