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  • Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin

Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin provides fast and effective pain relief.
Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin don't need to be taken with water, so they can be taken anywhere. They are absorbed quickly to bring rapid, effective, temporary relief from pain associated with: Headaches & migraines Rheumatic & arthritic pain Sciatica & Neuralgia (Nerve Pain) Toothaches Cold & Flu symptoms Sore throats Period pain Lumbago Relieves inflammation associated with back and muscular pain, strains and sprains Reduces fever Published in the Daily Mail December 7 2010: Taking an aspirin every day cuts the risk of dying from a range of common cancers, according to a major study. The study has led to the 100-year-old painkiller - costing just 1p a tablet - being hailed as 'the most amazing drug in the world'. Experts say healthy middle-aged people who start taking low-dose aspirin around the age of 45 or 50 for 20 to 30 years could expect to reap the most benefit, because cancer rates rise with age. In addition, a 75mg dose - a quarter of a standard 300mg tablet - helps prevent heart attacks and strokes even in people who have not been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems. Millions of heart patients who already take low-dose aspirin on doctors' orders to ward off a second heart attack or stroke will be getting built-in cancer protection. Professor Peter Rothwell, of the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, who headed the latest study of almost 26,000 patients, is convinced the ground rules have changed. He said: 'These findings provide the first proof in man that aspirin reduces deaths due to several common cancers'. 'Previous guidelines have rightly cautioned that in healthy middle-aged people the small risk of bleeding on aspirin partly offsets the benefits from prevention of strokes and heart attacks, but the reductions in deaths due to several common cancers will now alter this balance for many people.' After five years of taking aspirin, death rates fell by 34 per cent for all cancers and 54 per cent for gastrointestinal cancers. Professor Alastair Watson, of the University of East Anglia, said: 'This study provides strong evidence that taking regular aspirin for more than five years can help prevent development of a number of other forms of cancer, including lung, pancreas, oesophageal and prostate cancers.' 'It also indicates that the longer aspirin is taken for, the greater the benefit. It is important that people know aspirin can cause dangerous bleeding in the stomach in some patients. People wishing to take aspirin should first discuss it with their GP.' Always check with your GP before taking aspirin

How to take Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin: Adults should take 1-3 tablets every 4 hours as required dispersed on tongue without water. Maximum 13 tablets in 24 hours. Children: not to be given except on medical advice.

Caution before taking Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin: Do not take aspirin if you are allergic to aspirin or to any other ingredients, have a stomach ulcer or have haemophilia. Avoid in asthmatics and pregnancy particularly the final trimester. Do not give aspirin to children under 12 years unless medically indicated, and avoid in children aged up to and including 15 years if feverish. You should ask your doctor before taking aspirin if you are taking medicines for blood clots (thrombosis) such as warfarin or gout such as probenecid. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin contains: Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) 300 mg. Other ingredients are glycine, maize starch, microcrystalline cellulose, purified talc, lemon flavour, saccharin.

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Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin

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