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  • Cymex Cream For Cold Sores 5g

Cymex Cream For Cold Sores offers effective fast relief from cold sores and dry cracked lips and starts working from the moment you use it.
Cymex for the first sign of that telltale cold sore tingle, reach for Cymex and take the first steps to recovery. Cymex offers effective fast relief from cold sores and starts working from the moment you use it. Cymex has a triple action formula which soothes the telltale tingling sensation of cold sores and relieves painful chapped lips, helping to get your lips back on top form. Cymex helps stop lips from drying and cracking and promotes healing. Frequently Asked Questions What are cold sores? Cold sores are groups of fluid filled blisters that appear around the mouth, chin, nose or other areas of the mouth. They may grow in size and cause irritation and pain. The blisters associated with cold sores may weep and then crust or scab over. Cold sores are highly contagious. They are a common illness caused by a strain of the herpes simplex virus called Type 1 (HSV-1). There are two types of Herpes simplex virus: HSV1- the most common type usually causing cold sore (oral herpes) HSV2- causes genital herpes What are the symptoms of cold sores? The first time you get a cold sore attack, the symptoms can be different for everyone: You may show no symptoms at all You may have trivial symptoms such as a small spot which you do not realise is even a cold sore Further cold sore outbreaks may start with a tingling sensation around the mouth, chin, nose or other areas of the face before the blisters appear. For most people cold sores can disappear within a week to 10 days. Can the infection spread to other parts of my body? Yes, cold sores are highly contagious and can spread to other areas. This is particularly worrying if it spreads to the eye as it can cause inflammation to various parts of the eye and cause infections such as conjunctivitis or even lead to blindness if left untreated. Will the virus go once the cold sore has disappeared? If you have the Herpes Simplex Virus you will always have it. However for some people it can lay dormant within the central nervous system and never reactivate to cause cold sores. How long will it take for my cold sore to clear? Most cold sores disappear within a week or so, and they generally heal without scarring. How often can Cymex be applied? Cymex can be applied every hour as required.

To use Cymex: Simply smooth Cymex over your lips as soon as you feel a suspicious tingle or burning sensation. Repeat every hour until the cold sore fades and your lips will feel smooth and supple once more.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


Side Effects
Side effects relating to Cymex: Side effects are rare with this medicine however if you notice anything unusual consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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Cymex Cream For Cold Sores 5g

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