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  • Clinitas Hydrate Dry Eye

Clinitas Hydrate is a high performance liquid gel drop that rapidly spreads across the cornea to reduce friction and provide lubrication.
Clinitas Hydrate Dry Eye The carbomer component boosts the aqueous layer by releasing bound moisture. It has a longer residence time thereby providing outstanding relief. This product can be used overnight and on wakening. Clinitas Hydrate is particularly good for episodic dry eye discomfort caused by: Environmental factors including wind and pollution Hormonal medications such as HRT and anti-histamines How It Works? Clinitas Hydrate contains carbomer 980. Carbomer is a polymer of acrylic acid with a jelly like structure which binds water. On contact with the eye this structure is broken down by the electrolytes contained in the aqueous layer so releasing water to augment this layer. Carbomers also have excellent mucoadhesive properties which contribute to their high residence time in the eye. In scientific studies, when multiple applications of carbomers are made they have been found to last up to seven times longer than artificial tear drop preperations. Lubrication persists for up to 6-8 hours after instillation and they have high tear stability of up to 6 hours.


You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


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Size: 10g

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Clinitas Hydrate Dry Eye

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