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  • Aptamil Ready To Feed Follow On Milk stage 3

Aptamil Ready to Feed Follow On Milk complements their weaning diet by providing the nutrients your baby needs in a smaller volume of milk, leaving room in their tummy for their first solids.
Aptamil Ready to Feed Follow On Milk: Even once your baby starts weaning, milk will continue to be their main source of nourishment. Aptamil Follow On can be used as a main drink, as part of a weaning diet, from 6 months. Aptamil Ready to Feed Follow On Milk Benefits: From around 6 months of age, your babys nutritional needs increase. For example, by the time theyre 7 months old, your baby will need almost the same amount of iron, per day as a 30 year old man! Many mums switch their babies onto a Follow On milk as part of a mixed weaning diet, as it provides more iron than First and Hungry milks. Aptamil Follow On milk now also contains increased levels of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) from the omega-3 and omega-6 groups. This means your baby can have the benefits of LCPs right up to the age of one year. For babies under the age of one year, cows' milk is fine in cooking, but government guidelines recommend that it should not be given as their main drink. This is because it doesnt provide enough iron or vitamin D, and contains too much protein and sodium.


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Size: 200ml

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Aptamil Ready To Feed Follow On Milk stage 3

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