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  • Always Maxi Night x10

Always Maxis Nights' cotton-like topsheet with its CleanFeel technology is the softest ever and helps provide clean, dry protection.
Always Maxi Night have longer flexible wings for added protection you can really depend on while you sleep. They have a gently contoured shape that's wide in the centre and even wider in the front and back to help give you protection where you need it most. They also have channels that help to keep fluid in the centre of the pad. Always Maxi Nights are individually wrapped so that you can conveniently and discreetly carry them wherever you go. Other Features: The unique CleanFeel Top sheet keeps you feeling clean, dry and secure. We know that you always want to feel comfortably clean – that’s why Always CleanFeel Technology also has a cotton-like feeling The innovative Blue Absorbent Core absorbs fluid safely away to help keep you protected and dry Extra long pad for more protection Skin compatibility of the top sheet confirmed in a dermatological test Always Maxi Night pads for post pregnancy Immediately following delivery Lochia occurs over the first six to 12 hours (postnatal bleeding from the womb is usually bright red, very heavy and may contain clots) this should lessen when resting. However, when you get up and move around you may experience a rush of blood loss. This is because the blood pools inside the body, escaping when you change position. It is difficult to say how often you will need to change your sanitary pad or towel, but possibly every one to two hours to begin with and then, over the next two days, possibly every three to four hours. Hygiene and comfort are really important after having your baby. You need to change your pads frequently to stay fresh and help prevent infection. It is important to buy at least two or three packs of pads. We also recommend you do not wear small skimpy knickers as they will not hold your pads in place properly and this can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable if you have bruising or stitches.


You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


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Size: 10 towels

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Always Maxi Night x10

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