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Beechams Cold & Flu Blackcurrant

Beechams Cold and Flu Blackcurrant-When you want relief from your cold and flu symptoms with the com..


Beechams Cold & Flu Hot Lemon

Beechams Cold and Flu Lemon-When you need relief from cold and flu symptoms with the comforting feel..


Wind Setlers

Windsetlers are easy to swallow, gel capsules that provide fast, effective relief from the pain and ..


Anadin Liquifast Capsules 200mg

Anadin Liquifast easy to swallow capsules provide effective relief from back pain, joint or rheumati..


Balmosa Cream

Balmosa Cream is an analgesic rubefacient which works by producing a sensation of warmth on the skin..


Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin

Disprin Direct Chewable Aspirin provides fast and effective pain relief. Disprin Direct Chewable As..


Anadin Original Tablets

Anadin Original Tablets contain aspirin and caffeine for the relief of mild to moderate pain. Suitab..


Algesal Local Analgesic Cream

Algesal Local Analgesic Cream is a topical analgesic cream containing 10% diethylamine salicylate. I..


Alka-Seltzer Original Tablets

Alka-Seltzer is an antacid and pain relief medicine that is particularly useful to give fast and eff..


Beechams Powders 10sachets

Beechams Powder provides symptomatic relief of influenza, feverishness, chills and feverish colds in..


Belladonna Adhesive Plaster Small

Belladonna Adhesive Plaster, Small uses foliage from the Belladonna plant that provides some natural..


Cystitis cystocalm Relief Sachets 6sachets

Save over 2 on high street chemist prices. Cystitis Relief Sachets are for the relief of symptoms of..


Deep Freeze Cold Gel

Deep Freeze Cold Gel is a pain relieving cold gel. Its cooling, penetrating action goes deep down to..


Anbesol Teething Gel

Anbesol teething gel relieves sore gums due to teething in infants and children 4 months of age and ..


Deep Heat Rub 35g

Deep Heat Heat Rub can be massaged into the affected area to help stimulate circulation, relax and o..


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